Voltron Homemade Robot Costume

by Lisa - Site Owner
(Orlando, FL)

Voltron Homemade Robot Costume

This is the best Voltron homemade robot costume I have ever seen in my life. It seems to be made entirely out of cardboard and paint. And I suspect there is some glue holding the cardboard together.

The entire story of the Voltron Project is told by the video. A little girl wants her Daddy to make her Voltron for Halloween. And she is lucky enough to have a Dad who can actually pull off the most amazing Robot Costume I have ever seen in my life. Just made out of cardboard.

He tells the story and then he starts to show quite a bit about how he made the costume. He even shows the failed yellow lion. There was only one picture of that one. He has pictures of each of the different robots that make up Voltron from start to finish. I suspect that his house had robot parts in various states for the duration of the project.

I love that the hardest part of building the robot was keeping his little girl from playing with it as he tried to build it. I believe the trick is to work on it while she is asleep or at school. Or at least that is what my sister tells me.

Watching all the pieces come together was almost as good as getting to watch the cartoon. And just when I thought the Voltron Costume couldn't get any better, I saw how it looks in the dark. Oh my goodness, it actually lights up!

I was starting to think that actually making costumes for children was a dying art. There are so many store bought costumes nowadays that I was starting to think that no one ever made them at home anymore. I have had the chance to take my sister's children to the Halloween store to pick out costumes and it was very crowded in there. So I am very glad to see that the art of making Halloween costumes is still alive and well.

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